runners load into the road race

The forty fifth running of the Falmouth Road Race went off without a hitch today, and it seemed like a good time to share a photo essay of the days events from the Woods Hole perspective.  We get tons of phone calls asking – how long is Woods Hole shut down on the morning of Road Race?  For the answer to that question scroll down, and feel free to leave questions in the comments.

barriers going up at 5 am

It all started at about 5 am with orange pedestrian barriers going up all along the areas of the village where crowds will be contained.  This included Millfield Street, MBL Street and Water Street.  These barriers (plus dozens of porta-potties) keep runners from trashing yards.

first runners enter Millfield Street in Woods Hole

At about 6 am, the first busload of runners was dropped off at the top of Millfield (where it meets School Street).  From there, runners walked down the hill and around the Eel Pond gathering near the start of the race in front of the Captain Kidd Restaurant.

runners load into the road race

Within the hour, the street was packed with runners arriving.  I am not sure how many buses this required, but imagine this density of people on the street for several hours. This is what it took to move over 12,000 people into the starting position.

White mini van in middle of Falmouth Road Race load in Woods Hole

Some minor dramas occur each year — this year a car decided to try and exit the neighborhood against the sea of humanity and the Falmouth Police were not happy at all.

Falmouth Road Race

Sitting on the porch, we looked for people we knew, like Jenny Caprio a trainer and friend from Anytime Fitness who came over to say hello before running the 10k race.  Once the race began (at 9 am) things happened quite quickly — first the handicapped race, then the elite runners and then everyone else.  The whole area was on lock down at this point as runners swarmed up Woods Hole Road and took a right onto Church Street to run past Nobska Light.


stanchions removed in Woods Hole

What was truly extraordinary here in Woods Hole was how fast the clean up happened.  The orange stanchions came down immediately, hordes of volunteers emerged to pick up trash, and before 10 am the town looked as if nothing had happened!

Woods Hole Road Race

This is a feat of logistics that has to be seen to be believed, and in the end there was more parking in Woods Hole than ANY OTHER SUNDAY MORNING!  Congrats to all runners, and thanks to New Balance and the whole Falmouth Road Race Committee for being so thoughtful about the race design and logistics.  See you next year in Woods Hole with plenty of time for lobster tacos at Quicks Hole Taqueria🙂

Water Street at 10 am on Road Race weekend