Quicks Hole Tavern chef Nat Summerton at Meet the Chef event april 2018

Quicks Hole Tavern was pleased to participate in Highfield Hall’s Meet the Chef series on April 22. Head Chef Nat Summerton showcased his skills and shared his passion with a group of culinary enthusiasts and host Gail Blakeley, food writer for the Falmouth Enterprise.

The brunch time Meet the Chef demonstration began with a springtime cocktail called “Daffodil Surprise,” with St Germaine, lemon, basil and Prosecco over ice presented by Quicks Hole owner Beth Colt. The light and refreshing libation was a lovely way to kick off the event.  Chef Nat then showed the group how to prepare an easy but elegant red wine vinaigrette which he tossed over fresh greens with roasted butternut squash, candied walnuts and fresh pomegranate seeds for a unique starter.

Then, in true Cape Cod fashion, it was sea-to-table time.

The Clam Man sells these fresh sea scallops to Quicks Hole Tavern in Meet the Chef showcase at Highfield Hall April 2018

Nat shared helpful tips as he deftly seared a panful of sweet and juicy local sea scallops from The Clam Man, which he served over a bed of succotash with an unexpected accent of grilled grapefruit.

Seared Sea scallops prepared by Nat Summerton at Meet the Chef event at Highfield Hall.

Now for the big finish

To finish, Chef Nat demonstrated how to make the famous Quicks Hole “Bag of Donuts” with creme Anglaise dipping sauce.  While he and Beth discussed menu development at Quicks Hole Tavern, they also shared some insider info –  this summer’s featured flavor will be Lemon Donuts with Blueberry Creme Anglaise. You heard it at Meet the Chef and here first!

Bag of Donuts at Quicks Hole Tavern featured at Meet the Chef April 2018

The real scoop, just for you

Here’s the real scoop, but only for members of Quicks Hole Nation. Want to recreate our original Quicks Hole cider donuts in your own kitchen? Get the super-secret recipe here.  Shhh, this one is just for you!

How’s that for Meet the Chef fun on Cape Cod?