In the coming years, Pi day (3/14) is becoming increasingly celebrated around the world. But what exactly is Pi? Pi is an iconic number (π) used in mathematics to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Why is Pi so exciting? Because any circle’s circumference in the entire world is almost 3 times as long as it’s diameter, or more technically 3.14159265359 (π)… Use this formula and no matter the size circle, you’ll always get the same answer! Pi!

But what’s really so special about Pi? Unlike most numbers, calculating Pi goes on… FOREVER. There is literally computer software devoted to calculating Pi to see how far it goes and it hasn’t stopped yet; as of 2013, it hit 12.1 trillion digits! What’s also really amazing about Pi is how the number can be seen and used over and over again in anything from probability theory, wave measurements, to something as broad as growth patterns in nature – stuff that has nothing to do with circles. Wicked cool!

We’d like to think of Pi day as a celebration of Math and Pi is the mascot. Many people celebrate Pi day by simply discussing math – how it can be seen in our everyday life, revisiting simple math problems to brush up on their skills or having a fun competition within a group of friends to see who can memorize the most digits of Pi (to date it’s claimed that somebody has memorized a record breaking *70,000 digits!)

pi day at Quicks Hole Tavern

At Quicks Hole Tavern, we’ll be helping prove that math IS fun! Impossible you say?! No way! From Sunday, March 12th thru Thursday, the 16th Quicks Hole will be offering a free piece of banana cream pie to whoever can list off the 10 first digits of pi after completing your meal! The chefs behind our bar will be slaving over a hot oven making pies from scratch, in hopes of inspiring our community to channel their inner nerd and revisit pi or maybe tap into one of the many other wild joys of mathematics that can be seen throughout this world around you and the entire universe!

Quicks Hole Tavern is located at 29 Railroad St., Woods Hole, MA 02543 – directly across from the Woods Hole Steamship Authority terminal.

[Repositions glasses],
Quicks Hole Tavern

Small Print: One piece per customer, while supplies last, with minimum purchase of $20, not to be combined with other offers.

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